We offer Embedded Payment Solutions (EPS), which is unique combination of certified payment hardware and smart software suitable for kiosks, transportation and ticketing, automated fare collection systems, and other unattended payment terminals. Our solution can be easily integrated within your system bringing additional revenue streams to your business.

We tailor and shape our solution according to your business requirements, configuration of your existing system, and depending on type of card technology (contact or contactless, magnetic stripe or chip) you plan to accept for payments.

We deliver payment products including certified hardware and software, and further integrate it with your solutions. Our product is embedded payment terminal (EPT) tailored for your system, which afterwards is capable of accepting banking and transport (transit) cards for payments using both contact (magnetic stripe and chip) and contactless technologies based on EMV (PayPass, PayWave) and MIFARE standards.

We proceed with fast development using standard hardware blocks we have developed and certified in accordance with PCI DSS, EMVco and other security standards of payment industry. Therefore our products are accepted for use by international card organizations and payment networks, processors, and acquirers as secure solution for card payments. We utilize those certified components building unique solution customized for your needs.

We manufacture those components within EU, and it brings us significant benefits in development speed, manufacturing timeline and flexibility in logistics.
We guarantee quality of delivered products using manufacturing facility certified according to ISO 9001:2000, ISO 14001:2004 and BS OHSAS 18001:2007, for the production of special tools, parts and precise mechanical units.

We believe we have unique experience in card payments industry, which is combined with flexibility of our solutions and know-how in production of card payment terminals.

We are happy to help you to move your payments beyond cash.


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