Integrated payment terminal with encrypted PIN Pad and display.

An ideal cashless payment solution for parking spots, gas stations, transport ticketing machines, and other outdoor self-service payment kiosks where PIN-based authorization of card transaction is required.

Possibility to integrate with external contact and/or contactless card reader for additional acceptance of chip, magstripe cards, and NFC devices.

Fully independent solution from kiosk’s CPU with certified secure PIN-based card transaction processing environment.


  • outdoor self-service POS terminal integrated with encrypted PIN Pad and display
  • durable body combined with metal keyboard and complex security features provide outstanding robustness and protection against vandalism
  • ideal payment solution for self-service kiosks (such as gas stations, ticketing and parking spots) with full support of secure PIN entry
  • optional external contact and/or contactless card reader for additional acceptance of chip and magstripe cards and NFC devices
  • optional RS232 interface to external bar-code scanner and receipt printer or integration with kiosk hardware
  • direct connection to acquirer host using Ethernet or GSM/GPRS with support of SSL
  • smooth integration with other payment solutions including TermT product line (such as contactless terminals, contact & contactless card readers etc) or solutions from third party vendors
  • SDK for third-party POS software developers


CPU & memory

  • ARM9, OS Secure Linux
  • FLASH — 16MB, SDRAM – 16MB


  • 122×32 Monochrome LCD


  • Ethernet, RS232+Power HiSpeed (UART0), USB client (UART1), RS232+Power (UART2)

SAM card interface

  • 2 SAM slots (ID000 ISO-7810 form-factor)

Dimensions & mounting

  • 153x142x55 mm
  • 110x128x2 mm

Power & consumption

  • supply voltage 12V DC
  • less than 500 mA (7V)


  • Operating temperature -30 … +50С

Comply with EMV L1, EMV L2, PCI PED 2.1

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